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Tips for How to Succeed at a Craft Market as an Introvert

My daughter was born an extrovert. What had been her colicky, grumpish nature instantly changed as we attended her first party—a neighborhood New Year’s Eve gathering when she was 12 weeks old. She perked up, loved the attention, and a social butterfly was born.

I, on the other hand, am an introvert. So when we started attending craft markets to grow our Moodicats small business together, she couldn’t be more psyched to host a booth and show off her talents while I dreaded the exhaustion ahead.

BUT, we did it, and surprise! We both loved it. Here’s my tips for how to succeed (and keep your energy up) as an introvert at a craft market: 

  1. Get an extroverted partner if you can! My daughter loves proudly showcasing our products, AND brings a drawing pad to sketch on the spot. She gains energy the longer she’s there! If you’re able to get a partner/friend/someone who enjoys the prolonged social engagement, get them to come with you and promise them a meal or night out in the future.

  2. Don’t sit on your phone! It’s tempting to hide back there but don’t do it. It’s a turn off to customers. Instead, fake that smile ‘til you make it. Smile at people walking by and 9 times out of 10 they’ll smile back and be much more likely to come over.

  3. Remember, YOU created this stuff! Hopefully you have some passion behind your products, and you can tap into that to gain some excitement and in turn, energy. Make sure to share your process and details with customers. They’re interested to learn more! Try to keep reminding yourself this is not your average 9-5 and you get to run a business with the stuff you love to make and want others to love as well. It’s not easy for us introverts, but being grateful you’re able to share your passion will help keep that smile on your pained face!