About Us

A Family of artists

It all started when … Our elementary-age little artist with big moods started hand-drawing cat characters with expressive moods. As her mom, who is a graphic designer, I helped translate the sketches into digital illustrations while our young artist oversaw to make sure all elements stayed within her vision.

As more of our cat moods took shape, we had a hunch others would get a kick out of them, so we embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, a first for both mom and daughter. We researched sticker and shirt companies to ensure the products would be something we would use and love.. We launched on Etsy, and now also sell products right here on our own site.

And the company is just us two: We pack and ship everything ourselves and our little artist loves having a hand in every step of the process, especially delivering shipments to the shops that carry her designs, running a booth at local craft markets, and finding any chance to give freebies to her friends. Her big moods may have inspired Moodicats, but when it comes to dreaming up and reaching new goals for our little business, the mood is always “yay!”  

We hope you love these designs as much as we love making them. We extra love seeing them out in the world, so please tag us if you post a pic or see a Moodicat in the wild. And if there’s a mood you need us to express in cat form? Let us know by messaging us on Instagram!