3 Things My Young Daughter Has Learned about Entrepreneurship

3 Things My Young Daughter Has Learned about Entrepreneurship

This year marked the start of an entrepreneurial journeywith my young daughter at my side! We're learning together and it's encouraging to see the business and life lessons she's figuring out along the way. The past few months have taught her many things, including...

1. How to set goals.

Before each craft market we set a goal of how many of each item we want to sell. We’ve exceeded our goal every time! We just set a goal of revenue for 2024. It will be fun to review our goals at the end of 2024 to see where we land.

2. Math in real life. 

It can be a little stressful if we have several customers at once but we take time to slowly figure out change when people pay with cash. She counts the cash and hands change back. She's a quick math learner but things are different when she's put on the spot!

3. Respect of business. 

A retailer told us about a string of recent shoplifting incidents on some hair and jewelry accessories. That led us to a discussion about shoplifting and what it can mean to a small business owner and their bottom line. I aimed to create some understanding and empathy. 

We're looking forward to another year of growth and learning!